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Vault Basics

This is our fundamentals 3-part series program that is required of all athletes new to Vault.  We have successfully condensed this into 3 private one on one sessions and we do ask each and every new athlete to commit to these prior to entering the Workout of the Day or Olympic Lifting classes.  We have made this on ramp program process more affordable than ever!

All three private sessions are offered for the very special pricing of $150.00 (valued at $240.00).

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Each private Basics appointment carries an extra fee for no shows or if cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the time scheduled.

As a gentler introduction to our training, this program will give you a strong foundation in the proper form and technique of many movements that are utilized as the basis of functional fitness. This will translate later on in your training to efficiency, power, and most importantly, injury prevention.  This is not classroom time – you will definitely get your chance to do a WOD (workout of the day) in each Access session! We have all gone through the fundamentals program ourselves, please respect your fellow athletes and do the same.

(must email info@vaultathletics.net to book, prices are subject to change.)

*IMPORTANT* If you are new to Vault but experienced in our style of training and would like to test out of Vault Basics, arrive 15-20 minutes before your class.  Please be prepared to demo some movements that will be asked of you.   Bypassing Vault Basics is AT OUR DISCRETION, it is not punitive by any means, we are here to ensure you learn the movement fundamentals for injury prevention and efficiency! *