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Yoga (Best Yoga Classes)

A vinyasa power flow class. Vinyasa is a continuous flow of movement using the sun salutations while working on lengthening the muscles and opening up the hip flexors, shoulders, and other tight areas. Imagine how much your workouts will change once your hamstrings start to elongate from the downward dogs and those tight hip flexors start releasing making your squats and dead lifts easier to do and access.

Yoga Classes are a great way to relieve stress and tension in the muscles as well as the mind, while still feeling like you are doing something great for your body. You don’t have to be super flexible to take the class; taking yoga is going to bring back that mobility into the body!


Join us today at Vault fitness and get the best Yoga Classes. We are an authentic and genuine fitness with an adjoined intimate Yoga studio. Our yoga instructors or gurus believe in the healing powers of Yoga. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or are an experienced yogi, we’ll give you appropriate training to make sure you enjoy your time with us.  Our Yoga teaching process includes emphasis on the correct Yoga posture or asanas so that they align 100% with your centers.

Yoga is a lifestyle that allows your mind to connect with your body and spirit. Through the path of Yoga, you can gain spiritual freedom, mental fitness and an exhilarating feeling of euphoria. A healthy body and mind are two important things that lead to a well balanced life.

The ambiance of our meditation and yoga room is just surreal, calm and composed. With the correct mentality and atmosphere, you too can attain peace with us at Vault where we take wellness and fitness very seriously. Our yoga class is a great compliment to our multitude of high intensity fitness programs that we offer on the daily.  We also can cater our yoga classes for beginners.

Yoga brings you mental strength, and we can help you tune into this aspect of yourself to enrich your daily living. Contact us today to get the best Yoga classes and embark on a journey that fulfills your life – mentally, physically and spiritually.