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CrossFit (Crossfit Classes)

Anyone new to our facility (regardless of experience) will be assessed in 60 seconds or less to determine eligibility to take this class.  Please take note of this before you arrive and be prepared to demonstrate your CrossFit knowledge.  Be sure to sign up for Vault Basics if you need a refresher prior to your first CrossFit class!

These crossfit classes are an appropriate for all skill levels and is based on the workout of the day (WOD) that is created by our expert coaches. We also incorporate the benchmark WODs that CrossFit affiliates around the world are all too familiar with and you will come to know and love them too.

Crossfit Bodyweight Workouts Classes

10 physical principles are routinely tested in these WODS:

1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
2. stamina
3. strength
4. flexibility
5. power
6. speed
7. coordination
8. agility
9. balance
10. accuracy

In accordance with the universal CrossFit description as “constantly varied functional movement that is executed at the high intensity”, we at Vault CrossFit subscribe to these elements in our classic Crossfit workouts.

The Crossfit classes optimize your athletic performance by focusing on high intensity compound exercises. At Vault CrossFit, we scale each workout to your fitness level. We are well-equipped and provide you with access to a wide variety of mobility tools which will ultimately improve and enhance your movement mechanics during your workouts.

Our CrossFit workout program and daily classes encourage individuals from all skill levels and physical capabilities to participate. We provide you with coaches who have worked with individuals of various athletic backgrounds, ages, and physical capabilities. We will work with you to optimize your physical abilities and results as soon as possible.

Incorporating this combination of high-intensity cardio and strength training, our CrossFit workout of the day program is ever changing and will always challenge you. The program starts with a dynamic warm-up, progresses into the skill or strength piece, the metcon workout and finally, class concludes with some mobility and stretching. The ultimate purpose of our CrossFit classes is to help individuals build their general fitness and never worry about fitness being a confining factor. Those that are new to CrossFit or need a refresher will cover the fundamentals in three separate 60 minute private training sessions.

Mobility, flexibility, and stability is our focus on recovery, to better your technique and efficiency as well as to prevent injuries during the process of enhancing your overall athleticism. The sequences and stretches we include in our CrossFit classes are the moves you can incorporate in your pre-workout and post-workout routines on your own.

So, get yourself registered today with Vault CrossFit and begin your strength and conditioning training program to get that jaw-dropping physique and amazing fitness.