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Gymnastics (Crossfit Gymnastics WOD)

Crossfit Gymnastics ClassesCrossfit Gymnastics classes focuses on Crossfit movements, kipping, muscle up, toes to bar, chest to bar, just to name a few. You will learn to be more efficient with Crossfit gymnastics movements and develop, strength, flexibility, balance, body control and better spatial awareness that will make you a better athlete.

You will also be learning other gymnastics movements, front levers, back levers and handstand skills. This class will have a skill, strength and a workout.

Crossfit Gymnastics WOD

Crossfit Gymnastics

Our CrossFit Gymnastics Class is grounded in prerequisite strength and technique to produce powerful movements, efficiency in skill work, and safety. Our experienced and pro-level coaches provide you with an overall understanding of the movements that are based on advanced applications of gymnastics training.

We design and program our workouts in a way that develops more advanced skills in the individual. The skills covered include basic tumbling, balances, inversions, bar and ring variations, and corework. We help the novice and accomplished CrossFit athletes acquire a more comprehensive gymnastic skill set that improves their performance and endurance. We strive to help both the competitive athletes and the individuals with goals of general fitness.


The Vault CrossFit Gymnastics WOD involve coaches who have worked with various athletic backgrounds, fitness levels, and physical abilities. We understand what will work best for you. We will help you gain the development and improvement through our exemplary coaching and help you see the impact of our unique training program on your fitness and strength as soon as possible.

So, reach out and enroll in our CrossFit Gymnastics programs to enhance your flexibility, mobility, core stability, and balance. Allow us to tailor a program for you with a personal trainer or join one of our small group classes!