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I’m new to Vault, what is the best way to get started?
First, you will want to register for our 3 part Vault Basics series. You may do so online  HERE  or we can help you get squared away at the front desk! You will become familiar with the basics of movements for the WODs and lifts to learn techniques for efficiency and injury prevention. This is very hands on and concludes with a workout of the day so it is not just classroom teaching! This class is also a great review for seasoned athletes.

What are my options for becoming a part of Vault Athletics?

Anybody new to Vault Athletics regardless of amount of experience will be evaluated prior to the first WOD class.  In about 60 seconds or less, you will help us to determine whether it is safe for you to take the regular WOD class or whether you will need to enroll in our Vault Basics series.We offer class packages at different price points. The more classes you purchase, the cheaper each class becomes. And the best part of it is that these never expire, so you may redeem them at any time. We also offer great deals if you decide to become a member at Vault – early bird mornings, 3 classes/week, and unlimited monthly (our most popular option).

Do you offer any other classes besides the Workout Of the Day?
Absolutely! We think it’s important to integrate a multidisciplinary approach at Vault. We pride ourselves on our WOD classes and programming, and extend this to our other classes as well. Dynamics, Spin, Olympic Lifting, and Yoga/Mobility all are available and compliment your training. Not many other places offer the diversity we do!

What discounts do you offer?
20% discount is offered to first responders (police force, EMT/paramedics) and current college students. We do ask for proof, i.e. copy of paystub/transcripts
Group discounts of 4 or more individuals are offered as well which is great for corporations or small businesses.

Do I have to be in shape to start?
Not at all!! This is the most common reason people give for waiting to try something that seems so intimidating like the Workout of the Day. That’s like asking someone to immediately start swimming prior to any lessons! The unknown is always intimidating, but you must start somewhere, and the hardest step is making the commitment to yourself to begin your fitness journey. Our workouts are tailored for the beginners to the elite athletes.

Can I still do workouts with my previous injuries?
Knowing your limits is key here. Just like any other sport, there is risk for injury which is why our focus at Vault is injury prevention and that involves mastering technique, technique, technique. Scale down the weight in the workout, inform your coach about your injuries, and we will always be happy to (and encourage everyone to) modify the workouts.

Will I get big and bulky doing these workouts?
Simple answer to this is no. Training hard, eating right, and getting sleep are the 3 basics to healthy fit lifestyle. Eating clean is the most challenging for most people. Just because you train hard does not equate to eating whatever your heart desires, you will never lose weight and may even put on “bulk” despite all your efforts.

If I’m going on vacation, can I freeze my membership account?
Absolutely! Just fill out our hold request online and submit it. We just ask for a 5 day advanced notice to begin your hold. Holds are offered for a 1 month period per year of membership.

What if Vault isn’t for me – how do I cancel my membership?
We do not have any penalty for cancel\ling your membership and we do not operate on any binding contracts. Just fill out your cancellation request online and submit. We simply ask for a 30 day advanced notice for your cancellation to take effect.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?
You may email us at info@vaultathletics.net or call us at 818.509.0725. We look forward to hearing and meeting you!