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Dynamics (Interval Training)

Vault Dynamics™ is 60-minute high energy cardio-based interval training that combines functional movements that fatigue your body with agility, speed training, power endurance training and plyometrics movements.

Vault Dynamics™ is perfect for the athlete looking to improving his or her overall performance or for the non-athlete who looking to train like one. The key to success with Vault Dynamics™ is to make sure all functional movements are performed at a high intensity to simulate the demands placed on an athlete when he or she performs on the field. Vault Dynamics™ will also focus on and improve what we call the BIG 3: Cardio endurance, Muscle endurance, and the Body’s Physical Appearance.






The high intensity interval training bootcamp, also known as HIIT, is well known to many workout enthusiasts and competitive athletes. Through this type of training, athletes are able to perform a greater volume of high-intensity work in comparison to steady state monotonous training programs. Realizing the importance of including the variable-intensity workouts into a comprehensive training regimen, we at Vault Athletics offer high intensity interval training to complement our other training programs such as weightlifting, gymnastics, martial arts, and yoga classes.

The high intensity interval training bootcamp is a splendid approach for not just the elite athletes but is also wonderful for people whose primary focus is to improve their overall health. Our interval training program benefits both the recreational athletes of any sport as well individuals with general fitness goals. Activating both aerobic and anaerobic body systems, physical adaptations and improvements are sure to be noted in speed, performance, and endurance.

At Vault Athletics, the high intensity interval training programs are fun! All of our HIIT bootcamp classes are called Dynamics™ and is offered several times a week.  If you would rather work solo, we also offer personal training services.  If you are an athlete with performance directed goals or an individual with specific fitness goals, our coaches are here to help!





So, register yourself with Vault Athletics today to get started with our highly sought after high intensity interval workout classes or personal training! Under the guidance of our professional coaches you will be given the tools and motivation to ignite your pathway towards your fitness goals!

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