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Vault Kids (Kids Fitness Classes)

The Vault Kids program provides a fun fitness experience for kids that is just as entertaining as it is motivational!

It’s a great way for your kids to get out of the house for an hour to expend some energy, have a blast, and stay healthy.

Each class is divided into three segments, designed to help your child increase their fitness, self-esteem, flexibility, balance, and strength.

In the first segment, kids will focus on cardio activity to get warmed up and their hearts pumping. This includes stretching, team races, jump rope, and other cardio movements like everyone’s favorite…


In the second segment, kids will learn and practice a movement. This is where they will practice and perfect the proper form and technique from a variety of movements including gymnastics, weightlifting, and various body weight movements.

In the third segment, kids will complete an workout. The workout changes with each class, so it’s always a new challenge both physically and mentally!

Get your kids enrolled today in the city’s best Kids fitness classes.

Physically fit kids have a much sharper brain which helps them grow and develop faster. Now is the chance for you to teach your kids the value of fitness and mental strength. We at Vault, will make sure to treat the kids with pure love and affection along with the appropriate discipline resulting in workout sessions with us that are insightful and healthy.

Our classes are designed to keep your children’s growth and development rate in mind. So each child gets individualized attention from our trainers.

We have different types of activities designed for kids belonging to different age groups. This accounts for their unique growth and development at certain periods of their life. All in all, we do everything we can to ensure your child is enjoying their time with us.

If you enroll your kids today, healthy habits are developed early to stay physically fit in their later stages of life. An active exercise program for your child develops mental fortitude and lower chances of obesity related diseases in the future. A good workout session will also contribute to your child’s self-confidence.

Contact us today to get the best Kids fitness classes in your city. We at Vault Athletics take fitness and wellness very seriously and value our clients very highly. We are your extended family in the community. We aim to help our customers in the best way possible, maximizing their reach and potential.