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Below is a list of our class descriptions. Advanced sign up for classes is required after your first class with us.
For those that are interested, we also offer personal training. All of our coaches are available and rates vary. If interested, please !


Our Workout of the Day (WOD) classes focus on high intensity compound exercises to improve your metabolic conditioning. It utilizes elements of weightlifting and body weight movements, all of which can be scaled to your fitness level. Workouts are all measured by the amount of reps achieved, the time to complete the task or some combination thereof. All of our classes are led by coaches who are all Level 1 certified if not more, and skillfully work with individuals of various athletic backgrounds, ages, and physical capabilities. The class starts with a dynamic warm-up, progresses into the skill or strength piece, the workout, and finally, class concludes with some mobility and stretching. Those that are new or not sufficiently familiar to this type of workout will be introduced to its foundations in a separate bundle of three affordable 60 minute private training sessions, called before participating in the WOD classes, but may take our Dynamics, Spin, Yoga, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.


The high intensity interval training bootcamp is a fantastic approach for not just the elite athletes but is also wonderful for people whose primary focus is to improve their overall health. Activating both aerobic and anaerobic body systems, speed, performance, and endurance are all sure to be improved with regular attendance with this popular class! At Vault, the high intensity interval training programs are fun! All of our 60 min HIIT bootcamp classes are called Dynamics™ and is offered several times a week. They include a combination of resistance work with bands, dumbbells, monster tires as well as bodyweight movements such as pull ups, pushups, burpees, and runs to name a few!


Weightlifting is not just for the athletes but for every individual. Resistance training is important in a well balanced training regimen – heavier is not always better, technique is crucially paramount. All levels are welcome to these weightlifting classes! You’ll be surprised at what your body is capable of! All of our weightlifting classes include accessory work for strength building. Classes are led by our coaches that are Level 1 certified, USAW certified, and Strongman certified

Olympic Lifting: The focus here is on the snatch and clean and jerk. Variations of these lifts are also emphasized.

Powerlifting: The focus here is on the raw strength lifts such as the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Strongman classes: The focus here is on lifting heavy or awkward objects from point A to point B for time. Attendees will learn to lift atlas stones and log presses, carry yokes and farmer handles, and work with sandbags.


Join us for some high energy cardio in our spin classes! It’s just you and the bike in our adjoining dark intimate studio that we like to call “The Cave”. No fancy electronic monitors, just good old fashioned sweat and beats to pedal your butts off! This high-intensity, low impact workout class will easily help you lose the extra weight and tone your body. It’s a great class for that cardio burn when you want to give the weights a rest!


Vault also offers two martial arts classes: Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu! You will quickly appreciate how your physical abilities can be more aptly applied towards self defense rather than inflicting harm onto others. You will be empowered with the knowledge and responsibility of self defense by diving into either or both of these disciplines! We welcome all beginners and also experienced martial art practitioners to our martial arts classes. Beginners are introduced with the set of attack and defense skills to help them understand the martial arts, whereas the high-level martial arts practitioners are given an advanced set of skills that improves their performance. Every individual is assessed periodically in their level of skills in order to help each of the attendees advance in their training and performance.


Our yoga classes emphasize the correct posture or asana so that they align 100% with your centers. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced yogi, we’ll give you the appropriate instruction to make sure you experience the healing powers of yoga. This is a great way to recover from our higher intensity fast paced classes. Breath work, flexibility, and stability are all the elements you’ll find here. With the correct mentality and intention, you can attain a great practice with us at Vault where we make wellness and fitness a priority.

Our Gymnastics Class is grounded in prerequisite strength and technique to produce powerful movements, efficiency in skill work, and safety. You will gain an overall understanding of the movements that are based on advanced applications of gymnastics training. The skills covered include basic tumbling, balances, inversions, bar and ring variations, and core work. We help the novice and accomplished athletes acquire a more comprehensive gymnastic skill set that improves their performance and endurance in our WOD classes.