Ira Zabolotnaya


I was born in Ukraine. I used to do bodybuilding training all my life and particularly fell in love with basic lifts like bench presses and deadlifts. One day, my friend showed me a CrossFit video, and it was easy to understand that it was very effective training. I was immediately hooked. I started to implement CrossFit in my bodybuilding routine. I soon planned a vacation to Los Angeles and completed my level 1 at the same time. Then it became a question of time to move in Cali completely and to do what I love in this awesome place!
Vault Athletics changes lives for sure – on the physical level, everyday situations, and most importantly, your spirit. What I love the most is that this is my job!

Fun fact about me? I watched training videos filmed at Vault Athletics by Andrea Ager. It was at the very beginning of my fitness journey and I did it from the other side of the planet. Who would have thought I would be at the exact same place only a mere couple of years later. But I’m here. And it seems all dreams come true. In one way or another.