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Spin (Spin Cycle Classes)

This is Vault Athletics’ group indoor cycling workout! Cardio and aerobic based for all skill levels. No complex movements and no helmet needed! Low impact to balance out your fitness regimen!

Join us today for the one of the best Spin Cycle Classes at Vault! Energize and rejuvenate your body’s oxygen levels in what we affectionately call our “Cave” studio. Our high-intensity workout regimes will easily help you lose the extra weight and tone your body. Our classes are streamlined and intimate and boy, does it get hot from the heat generated from your bodies!


Spinning Workout Routines

The Vault Spinning Workouts are both intense and beneficial to your body. The constant 45-60 min cardio burn will melt away your fat, thus helping you purge off the various toxins in your body. Regular participation in our spin classes will prepare you for your daily grind in the week with a newfound focus and concentration, relaxed mood, and toxin-free body.

We make sure your spin class is jam packed! Accompanied by a professional trainer, you and your group of friends can enjoy the spinning workouts. Not only do you get to burn fat, but also groove to the upbeat music and get in shape. It’s a low impact, high intensity class that works your lower body and core with some light upper body movements as well. Contact us today for the best Spin Cycle Classes.