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Why Vault

We are a community of people dedicated to wellness by being both physically and mentally fit. We will constantly challenge you by varying our programming – completely shutting the door on boredom and passivity that you may have encountered elsewhere.  Only one thing will stay the same – you will be motivated each and every day that you walk in our doors.  Our coaches and fellow members are here to support and rally you on.

Your productivity will naturally carry over into all other aspects in your life, and it will result in a better improved overall function in your output whether it be at work or at home.

With that being said, anyone can do the Workout of the Day, but it is not for everyone.  You, yourself, must be ready for the change.  You may become downright obsessed with it, and your friends may look at you funny (you can always show them the light of course), and you’ll make drastic improvements in your overall fitness — all the while joining our amazing community!  Don’t say we didn’t forewarn you.

Please come and check out our facility. Definitely give us a try before considering the cost. You must experience the program to fully understand its benefits and see what our community has to offer you.